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There is a site called freebitcoin which uses a singular method to attract users: they give bitcoins for free. The real purpose of the site is to promote their MULTIPLY BTC game. It's a game where you can gamble your coins, but that's exactly the section you need to avoid because that's where THEY make money in the long term, so let's focus on the interesting part: they give bitcoins!

Basic question

"Why would someone give bitcoins?" is a question that arises when one hears that there is a site that is doing so. But one thing is clear: it must be profitable, and in this case it is. Here's how:

The amount they give is ridiculous if no more measures are taken. On top of that, most of users don't even withdraw the bitcoins they receive and instead play with them in their MULTIPLY BTC game, and even deposit their own money to play. Some players win and some players lose, but in the long term they always win, to the point that they can afford giving free bitcoins, a good bait to attract new users. Very few dedicate the time to guess how to get the most of freebitcoin and resist the temptation to play the outcome in MULTIPLY BTC. But we did, and the purpose of this guide is to share our findings.

How does freebitcoin give bitcoins?

The site has a FREE BTC section that lets you roll a dice for free once per hour. The dice will give you a number between 0 and 10.000 and, based on that number, you will receive a certain amount of bitcoins, equivalent to up to $200 as the next table shows:

Number Payout
0 - 9885 $0.002
9886 - 9985 $0.02
9986 - 9993 $0.2
9994 - 9997 $2
9998 - 9999 $20
10000 $200

How to start earning?

Follow this steps:

  1. Click here to create a freebitcoin account. It will lead you to a screen like this one:
  2. Fill the form, enter the captcha and click on SIGN UP.
  3. Once you're in, go to the FREE BTC section and scroll down. You'll see something like this:
  4. Just for ease of use, click on SWITCH CAPTCHA to change the distorted letters for this other, easier captcha:
  5. This is only needed the first time. Your preference will be remembered in the future.

  6. Solve the captcha and click on ROLL. Good luck with the number!

Now you'll see a 1 hour countdown. Once it finishes you'll be able to roll again.

How to reach a $25/month income

In order to do that, you need to do 24 rolls/day. The only way to achieve that apart from not sleeping is to automate the process. Once you've done that, you will start playing free rolls at a rate of 8640 rolls/year. According to statistics, you will get:

It makes a sum of $246,2/year, an average of $20.51/month. But we can do something to increase that amount. In order to do that, we'll use Reward points. With every free roll, you'll receive something more apart from the mentioned BTC prizes: reward points and lottery tickets; and we can use this resources to optimize our profit.

About lottery tickets

The site runs a weekly lottery where the first price is around $2500 in bitcoins. However, more than 200 million tickets are usually issued in every round, so your chances of making profit with lottery tickets is extremely low. Luckily, we can decide to receive reward points instead, which are far more useful, as we will see later. To do so, go to the USER section of the site, look for the DISABLE LOTTERY & INTEREST part and check DISABLE LOTTERY.

Reward points

Reward points (RPs) can be used to increment the amount of bitcoins we receive. Because of that, we'll do what is needed to receive as much RPs as possible, and we need to follow a strategy:


It is highly recommendable to automate free rolls for this method to work properly. Otherwise, you'll need to do as much manual free rolls as possible for it to be effective, and making less than 12/day will affect negatively to your profit. Keep reading to understand why.

Step by step

In your freebitcoin account, go to the REWARDS section. You'll find this:

First of all, we need to focus in REWARD POINTS BONUS.


Because RPs can be spend to earn even more RPs. We are going to generate a constant excess of RPs that later will be spent in earning more BTC.


If you unfold REWARD POINTS BONUS, you will find the following message:

Redeem your points to increase the number of reward points that you get for each FREE BTC roll! Each bonus is valid for 24 hours after redemption.

About RP bonus

No matter which bonus you use, it will only be profitable if you make more than 12 free rolls/day because that's the point where you cover the cost of redeeming the bonus. For example, if you redeem the 50 RPs/roll bonus for 600 RPs, you'll need to receive these 50 RPs 12 times to recover the 600 RPs you spent.


The goal here is to reach the highest RP bonus and keep it always active. In that way, it will generate an excess of 1200 RPs/day. This is without counting the 4 RPs you receive in each free roll that have nothing to do with this bonus. Every time you generate an excess of 3200 RPs, go to FREE BTC BONUS and activate 1000% BONUS. On the next 24 hours, your free rolls will be multiplied by 11 when you get the minimum payout.

Be careful

When activating the 1000% BONUS, be sure that you have enough RPs to keep the 100 RPs/roll bonus active. After all, that's the bonus that brings the RPs which you can spend in earning more BTC.

Earn interest

Once you reach a balance of 0.0003 BTC, you will start earning profit in form of a 4.08% yearly interest. It is an automatic process so you don't need to do anything but reaching the balance to start earning, and it's credited daily. The profit you get from interest is not included in our estimates because you may want to withdraw it everytime you reach that amount, as it's also thie minimal withdrawal amount, equivalent to $2.60 in January 2020.

Get referrals

This is, by far, the most effective method to increase your profit on freebitcoin. It will probably consume some of your time to get your referrals, but once you've done it you just have to sit and watch your balance growing everyday at a very respectable rate.

Advice to get referrals

Lots of people want to get bitcoins, more and more everyday. Even people who doesn't understand bitcoin want to have some, and even more would want bitcoin if they would understand it. You can take advantage of this by educating yourself about bitcoin to be able to educate others. The short history of the first cryptocurrency is full of examples of people that became truly advocates at the moment they understood it, so you can be pretty sure that you will raise interest on it if you educate yourself about bitcoin. At the end, you and your intimates will obtain two different profits: knowledge and coins. Could it be better?

What do I get with each referral?

It's simple, and even more important: it doesn't have any drawback for your referrals. This is what you get:

How much I can earn through referrals?

Do you remember that above in this guide we said that just by automating free rolls we would get $246,2/year in profit? Well, it also means that every referral you make that automates free roll will make you an estimate of $123,1/year while you make him/her make an estimate profit of $246,2/year. Don't tell me it's not fantastic.

Once again, is this real?

Of course it is! Freebitcoin is giving all of this as a strategy to attract millions of users, and it's working very well for them, that's why they keep doing it. Believe it or not, a huge amount of money is played everyday on the site, making it possible to maintain this free supply of bitcoins for the minority of users that use the site wisely.

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